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Tips & FAQ

Tips & FAQ

House Removals Tips

  • Ensure electricity and gas are connected at your new home.
  • Update all personal address details (i.e. drivers licence, bills, etc.)
  • Label all boxes clearly with room names and "fragile" if applicable.
  • Place all valuable and essentials in a high priority box that can be taken in your own car
  • Do a complete check once the truck is loaded to ensure nothing is left behind
  • If moving from or to a home that requires lift access, organise with your building manager to book a lift.
  • Ensure mowers, whipper snippers and any other equipment containing fuel is emptied prior to moving day.

Organise the transportation of any flammable and combustible liquids as we are unable to cart them due to work place health and safety requirements.

Office Removals Tips

  • Ensure everything is labeled clearly and there is a floor plan at the delivery end to enable a smooth office transition.
  • Check if IT equipment (i.e. photocopiers) under lease as they may need to be moved by the lease holders due to warranty.
  • If a lift is required at either end ensure it is booked and fully padded to avoid damage to lift.
  • Ensure they is parking spot for the truck with height restrictions taken into account. Preferably as close as possible.

Fridge can be turned off on the day of the move then empty contents of fridge into eskies so, the fridge can be safely transported.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our premium service offers full assembly, unpack and removal of rubbish and packaging.

Monday to Saturday 7:00am – 5:00pm.

Yes. Due to our insurance policy we will need someone to accept and sign for the delivery.

Payment to be made by the person who booked the delivery.

Max Care Removals has the appropriate insurance policies in place. To see more information on our damage policy click here.

Our trucks are fully equipped with necessary protective materials including furniture blankets and heavy-duty plastic covers.

We cover South East Queensland and backload from Sydney to Brisbane.

Be flexible and make it an anytime delivery and ensure the items ready to go.

Fixed delivery prices can be organised with one of our staff members.

The easiest way is to have one of our staff to assess.

Yes. You can either do this yourself or you can have our team come in dissemble and then reassemble in your new location.

A numbering system seems to be the most efficient. Allocate each employee a number and have them label their boxes using that number. Print up a detailed floor plan/map for the removalist's to work off in order to find the correct location for each item.

Yes this can be arranged so, there is minimal downtime to your business.

If there is any stairs involved at either end the filing cabinets are safer empty as the mechanism in the drawers tends to bend when they are left full.

It is safe to turn off your fridge on the day of your move then empty contents of fridge into eskies so, the fridge can be safely transported.

If you don't feel confident in disconnecting and reconnecting your washing machine one of our removalist's will happily do it for you on the day of the move.

The best and safest way we have found is to pack the base with scrunched butchers paper, place heavier items towards the bottom and lighter items on top with layers of butcher's paper in between. For any excessively heavy items, pack into book/wine cartons and larger items into standard cartons. Click here if you need to order packing materials.

Depending on the time you are required to be out of your old house and what time you can gain entry into your new home will depend on what time is best suited to start. This start time can be organised with one of our staff upon booking.

All of our trucks are equipped with heavy-duty plastics that will protect all size mattresses and lounges from dust and external debris.

All of our trucks are fully equipped with the right tools to dissemble and then reassemble your beds or any other furniture you need.

Whether it be one of your rooms or a whole house our team are capable of packing your valuables, for peace of mind. Click here to read about our professional packing service.

1. Make Booking

Complete our online booking form and we will contact you to confirm availablity and all costs involved with your move. Alternatively, if you would prefer to book over the phone please give our office a call on 0413 051 051.

2. We Pickup

Our friendly removals team will arrive on moving day. If you need help packing your valuables, we know the tricks of the trade to ensure a smooth transition to your new home or office. Click here for more info!

3. We Deliver

We will deliver your belongings safely to your new address on a date and time which is convenient for you. If you require assistance with reassembling furniture or other items, we will be more than happy to help.

Click here to make a booking!

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